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AB Website

In March 2011 we started working on the AB website on behalf of Rascal Greece. AB is one of the largest retailers in Greece and a subsidiary of the Delhaize Group.

We worked with the designers and technical team at Rascal on designing the new version of the website that needed to accommodate a great deal of content.

We decided on Expression Engine for the CMS of choice and worked closely with the UX designer to ensure that the content would be easily accessible and presentable.

We carried out all of the HMTL/CSS and Javascript implementation working in tandem with the design team to provide rapid iterations and improvements on the initial design.

The website was release in July 2011 to great success.

Project URL:

Technologies used:

  • HMTL
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Expression Engine
  • Project Management
  • System Architecture
  • UX