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Poker The Magazine

In the summer of 2011 we were contacted by Apps4Mags with a very exciting project. They were looking to create a multi platform publishing product that would allow customers to use one CMS to input all of their content and then using custom built applications and websites to be able to distribute that content across a variety of mediums.

The Poker The Magazine project was to serve as the first instance of this product, a use case for future clients and an iPad newstand magazine in its on right.

We decided to use Expression Engine as the CMS for the project due to its flexibility that would allow us to have a low overhead and also to prototype and create iterations of functionality rapidly. The second part of development was concerned with creating the iPad Newsstand application that would consume the content created and managed in the CMS.

Initally we worked closely with the co founders to decide the basic content types that would make up the building blocks of the content in the CMS. Then templates were created into which the content would be injected.

Development lasted for 6 months and in January 2012 the first issue of Poker The Mag was released.

Subsequently we supported the project generating new templates for 6 issues of the magazine up until September 2012.

Technologies used:

  • Objective C
  • Expression Engine
  • Product Development
  • HMTL
  • CSS
  • Git