Digital Bliss

Zipcar Mobile Application

The Zipcar mobile applications for iOS and Android are developed with the Titanium Appcelerator mobile framework. The code is written in Javascript using the Titanium API and compiles to native code for iOS and Android.

We worked on the legacy code base for the Android and iOS apps and within the framework of the Agile procedures that the development team follow, we worked on bug fixes, performance improvements, internationalization support and new features.

More importantly we worked closely with the product owner and lead designer we helped design and implement the new iOS7 version completely re hauling the visual style of the app.

Overall we released 3 versions of the app for iOS which received a 4.5 rating on the app store.

In addition we helped standardize and document branching strategies and the build and release procedures.

Technologies used:

  • Javascript
  • Git
  • Agile